Digital Innovation within Education Institutions

Digital Innovation within Education Institutions

With this new surge of technological innovation called the Internet of Things (IoT) many organizations are rapidly developing new strategies, using IoT to grow and innovate their business. From start-ups to age old corporates, such as Cisco and Philips, IoT is evolving how we work, and educational institutions are quickly catching on to the importance of the Internet of Things.

From a Smart Campus to a Smart Community

Already, there are institutions implementing IoT solutions on their campuses, for example, to improve campus safety, for organizational efficiency, as well as teachers who are looking for ways to spend more time focusing on their students rather than spending their valuable time with administrative tasks. One example on how institutions could benefit from the Internet of Things is by using technology to change how staff and students interact and live on campus. The University of Twente (UT) is just one of many institutions that is already implementing IoT to improve campus life and improve efficiency for staff and administration, and even bringing IoT into the non-campus community.

“[They have] succeeded in expanding the Internet of Things (IoT) network to cover the entire region of Twente. The network is open to researchers, companies and students, enabling them to experiment with new IoT technologies, products and services” (click here for the full story).

By using LoRa (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology, UT has been able to bring the Internet of Things to the region of Twente. And here lies an opportunity for businesses that want to expand and build out the Internet of Things within Education and beyond.

By working with institutions and provide them with cloud services, the latest technologies, and consultancy opportunities on how to benefit from IoT solutions, Education can become an important sector to reach a new generation of users, and in turn, build important partnerships with institutions and their broader community. Opening up the Internet of Things to everyone.

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