Panda Plant Guard


This cute gadget tells you when and how much water your plant needs!

The panda bear-shaped circuit board has gold-plated contacts or probes that measure the moisture content of the earth. Assembly and use is very simple. Insert the probe into the soil of your favorite houseplant. The panda’s RGB eyes blink every 30 seconds to indicate whether the plant has too much, too little or just enough water. So keep your plants in top condition if you don’t want the panda staring at you with fiery red eyes!

Every plant has a different water requirement, so we’ve added two wheels to adjust the sensitivity. With the right wheel you set the range and with the left wheel you set the moisture sensitivity. Thanks to this panda, your plants will never get too much or too little water again!

The kit runs on two CR2032 batteries (not included) with a lifespan of no less than two months.

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